How Cancer Has Changed My Life

Hey y’all,

I hope everyone has had a great week. This week I have really been touched personally by the cancer assignment. My father, who is like my best friend, has recently been battling stage 3 colorectal cancer.  This assignment has encouraged me and inspired me to learn about the subject of cancer and find out exactly what this evil enemy is. It amazes me how complex this cell really is and what it can actually do to the human and animal body. Going through cancer with my father I have personally seen how difficult it is to treat and how it physically breaks down someone.

I truly hope that no one ever has to face this disease. Throughout this process I have become involved in Relay For Life at Virginia Tech by becoming a committee member. I strive every day to help raise money to find a cure for this disease. Now that we are on this topic, it influences me even more!

I hope you all have a great week!

Logan Hand

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