Thesis Proposal Draft

Writing my thesis proposal was much more difficult than I thought. For the entire semester, the project has been abstract. While I have thought, researched, and read about black disfranchisement in antebellum Tennessee and North Carolina, my argument and methodology remained malleable, meaning that I was constantly reworking them in my head. The proposal draft, however, forced me to put those abstract thoughts on paper. Even though I knew what I was going to write, the writing part took a lot of time and energy. I had to organize my thoughts and put them on paper. In the end, though, I think it really helped me. I finally have some concrete plan and can constantly refer back to it as I begin to finally sink my teeth into studying the disfranchisement of African Americans through the lens of class, race, and gender.

There are a variety of things I hope to add or strengthen in my next draft. The historiographical section, first, is probably the part of my proposal that needs the most work. I have three clear strands of literature that I hope to combine in my thesis. However, they are interrelated with one another. For example, the concept of herrenvolk democracy could be analyzed in the race or class historiographical strand. I need to figure out a way to get this across without making some arbitrary decision about classification.  I also hope to clarify my argument in my next draft. This was the first time I had fully explained the argument I am trying to make, and while crafting it, I realized there might be some parts that were unclear. Finally, I think I need hit harder on the significance of my project. Hopefully as I get more comfortable with the historiography, I will be able to incorporate more significance there, but I also want to write a convincing independent section on significance, too.

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  1. Sounds like this was a big help! I was happy with how finally writing this thing forced me to clarify as well. I think it’ll definitely help us out as we move forward. Thanks for reading and commenting on mine–I look forward to reading yours soon!

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