Lucas’ Bertoti Conference Critique

Bertoti Conference Reflection

In my opinion, the Beroti Conference was a resounding success. First, the awards banquet and keynote address on Friday night was both enjoyable and informative. I think there was enough time there for socializing and Dr. Jacobs’ interesting and thought-provoking talk. My dinner with Jacobs and Brundage went very well, and both professors seemed to enjoy the evening at 622 North Main. The success continued on Saturday. We, the graduate students, worked efficiently and effectively in getting the GLC ready for the conference. In fact, I think our teamwork was one of the best aspects of the weekend. Everyone knew their role and completed their required tasks. The panels I attended went well, as presenters, moderators, and commenters all contributed to successful presentations. All in all, the good things about the Bertoti Conference far outweighed the bad.
If we are going to make the conference better next year, we have to recognize the things we could have done better. Hopefully the comment cards will be the best source of feedback, but I want to offer here some of the things I felt did not go as well as hoped. First, we might need to use a different restaurant to cater next years’ meals. Though not terribly important, enough cups and warm coffee need to be essential items next year. Similarly, we might need to order more food. Personally, I did not get any lunch, and I do not know if there were other people in my boat (Please don’t think I am whining. If anyone was not going to get lunch, I am glad it was me). Also, I think we need to seriously evaluate how we organize the roundtable discussion. More audience interaction would have been more helpful. Maybe a smaller room would have helped. As far as the organization of the conference goes, the only thing I think we should do next year is designate a HGSA officer whose entire duty is conference logistics. Whether that be the president or a vice-president, there needs to be someone who can quickly make all the decisions regarding room organization, food, keynote speakers, and similar day-of conference issues.

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