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For my statistics project, I’ve been looking into the wage gap between men and women in the United States.  I’ve been considering various factors that I could investigate, such as percentages by region, state, occupation, etc.  I have found several sites with data, but the one I found particularly useful was one that listed the median weekly earnings for both men and women based on occupation and occupational groupings.(

I am still having some trouble coming up with a research question.  I’ve thought about looking at the wage gaps based on different categories of occupations and seeing how significant the variation is between each occupation grouping.  I want to test how much the type of occupation affects the percentage gap in weekly earnings for men and women, but I’m not exactly sure how to go about it.  The data that I have found lists median weekly earnings, so I thought that I could find the average weekly earning under each subheading.  For example, under computer and mathematical occupations, I could find the average weekly earnings for women with those types of jobs and the average weekly earnings for men under that category.  This way, for each category of occupation, I would have a mean for women’s weekly earnings and for men’s weekly earnings.

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  1. I think you are at a good start to your research. That is an interesting idea and obviously very relevant to us. I like the idea of diving into the subgroups because I would be curious which one has the biggest gap and where the wages seem more equal. Overall, a very interesting topic and one that I honestly have no idea what the results would be. Nice!

  2. I like this topic you chose! I also chose something about men and women but more based on their degrees in math. One idea you can add to your research is also the average spending of women vs. men to back up how much salaries in comparison should be. I think you should definitely focus on a couple types of occupations though to narrow your research.

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