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  • who is really being programmed?

    Posted on April 5th, 2012 lisskane No comments

    “Computers can restore childlike wonder to learning – challenging the nature of school itself”– Papert, The Child’s Machine

    Since I am leading the discussion tomorrow on Mindstorms, I thought I would hold off till after class to really do a complete blog. However, I did want to point out (which I’m sure you all noticed) all of the parallels between our other readings this semester. Education reform and how to go about it seems so be a pretty common theme. Being a psychology major and wanting to go into child psychology, this piece was really relevant to what I am studying. Which was a complete coincidence, but really cool! Anyways, I am excited to discuss with you guys tomorrow and find out your opinions on how the presence of computers in education has changed our development and learning..if you think it has (any skeptics?) See you in class 🙂