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  • Space and Time

    Posted on March 12th, 2012 lisskane No comments

    This reading was really fun! It was definitely one of the quickest and easiest to read. It was cool because it took something I have looked at and read a hundred times, comics, and made me look at it in a way I never had before. I never thought about how much thought went into the shape and design of comics. Or how the artist could change one simple thing and the reader could get a completely different perspective. It was really interesting seeing the different methods of showing time pass or movement. Or how the way the text is written can indicate either a moment in time or a span of time. It makes me wonder what else seems simple at first, but when you really look at it there is a lot of thought put into it. It makes me think I should be more observant, if you look closer you may find something more.

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