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  • Our Education System: What Are We Really Learning?

    Posted on February 2nd, 2012 lisskane No comments

    Grades. What are they really? What do they really tell you about a student and their work. Does it show you how smart they are or how much they work? What is an A really? How do you really know if you understand something? Should education be driven by grades or learning? Is education driven by grades or learning? I feel as if people want to believe that education is driven by learning. But I fear that from what I have observed from myself and my peers that somewhere in the system of education our priorities shifted. Our success in our education system is so based on the grades we receive that we often overlook the real reason we are in school. We are so focused on the next test, the next grade, that we ingest what we need for our grade and don’t develop it enough to actually gain knowledge on the material. It is almost as if the education system is abused. We have found a way around doing what we were really there for and have instead learned ways to make it appear as if we have learned. You can look at my almost perfect GPA, but when I think back on what I got from each of those credit hours, I am not so sure. I have been so focused on getting the “grades” I need to get into graduate school instead of getting the “knowledge” I need to succeed in graduate school. Is there a way around this? Can we change the way students look at their education? Is there a better way to educate. How can we augment education? How can we add to it to make it better? How can we help the education system grow?