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  • Inclusive Interfaces

    Posted on January 23rd, 2012 lisskane No comments


    The article “inclusive design” by Faruk Ates, discusses the evolution of interfaces and what inclusive means in relation to interfaces.  Inclusive in the general sense means a culture of equal opportunity. In the web sense, inclusive means that anybody, despite their skill level, can get something out of and use the interface. It gave the super Mario bros as a prime example of an inclusive interface. Any skill level could use it, but advanced gamers got more out of it. Trying to make websites inclusive involves trying to choose color schemes and layout that will please the most people. This is the same for skill level required. This caused designers to have to dumb down their interface, in order to go middle of the road. This problem has tried to have been fixed by adding customization options to interfaces. This way, people with little to no skill level can use the basics and those with advanced skills can add advanced customization features. The problem with this is that a very small percentage of users ever actually use these customizations and most often stick the default settings. Steve Jobs went at the problem by adding applications that can be added and are only open when chosen to be. Applications have come with problems too though. There is still a need to improve interfaces to make them assessable to the largest population of people. Interfaces still need work until they are efficiently inclusive. This is something that will be worked on, as the next step to the evolution of interfaces. The inclusiveness is so important because people may be turned off by an interface is it is too simple or too complicated for them. As the internet continues to grow, and the percent of the population that uses the internet goes up, it will need to be assessable to more people.  Over the years developers have been coming up with better and better ways to make interfaces inclusive and further exploration and testing will need to take place in order to perfect it. The only way that we will reach this goal is by working towards and seeing which directions help and which do not.



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