Technology and Innovation in Higher Education

After reading “The What, Why & How of Social Media for Higher Education article posted to the website by an unknown author on an unknown date, it is apparent that the new technological innovation that is affecting higher education is social media. As noted by the piece, it seems that higher education faculty of various colleges are using social media to increase student engagement, raise brand awareness, and drive enrollment numbers through the roof. From there, LinkdIn, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are cited as being the largest contributors to positive responses, which is surprising seeing as Twitter tends to have the most engagement in terms of its users being based in academia. As the author states, “change is constant in digital marketing, but with a great social media strategy, higher education institutions can engage prospects, alumni, and current students on the devices and mediums they use every day.”

Being a Communication student here at Virginia Tech, the first ever engagement I had with a professor was through Twitter. Though a rather one-sided experience, Dr. J.D. Ivory has demonstrated that Twitter is truly the way of the future. Through sharing Communication related memes to simply speaking with varying academic scholars, Dr. Ivory has proven that there is a way for students to be engaged with their studies outside of the classroom in a way that is not necessarily considered to be a “bore”.

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