Professors Should Be Paid for Theses

Today, in my required additional blog post I will be discussing why professors who agree to be a part of theses committees, as well as those who agree to be a committee chair, should be paid for their time commitments. On top of their already existing course work which they are required to both teach and grade, signing onto a committee is a large amount of work that they often do not get compensated for. Because of this, committee members may view the thesis process as a chore, and choose to ignore their advisee as I have come to experience within my own process. Because of this, paying a professor for their time working on a committee will in-turn provide the professor with an incentive for putting in the hours required to be a proper aid to the student, and will ultimately lead to a more successful thesis in the long run.

Continuing on, tenured professors should not be the only people capable to chair a thesis. Assistant professors who have been working their fingers to the bone are equally as willing to be a chair of a committee, but due to the existence of tenure, cannot. This hurts not only the student who truly wants that teacher to be the leader of their project, but also hinders the work that would then be produce by the student who was forced to change topics.

Our teachers do a significant amount of work in order to help us be successful. The work that they do should be compensated, and they should be able to work a normal 9-5 week without having to reach outside of their availability due strictly out of kindness. We should pay our teachers for their help on theses, and we should recognize them for the work they put in.

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