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Today, I have chosen to talk about the American Communication Journal in my discussion regarding Open Access Journals in the field of communication. The journal was commissioned in 1996 during the Board of Directors of the American Communication Association meeting in Charleston, South Carolina and is edited by Dr. Md Abu Naser of the California State University, Bakersfield. The purpose of this journal is to publish “interdisciplinary scholarship on communication”. From there, the website itself describes its copyright statement as being dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and information, and is freely available to all schools. That being said, they also make a point by stating that any commercial use of the website or articles therein must be previously approved by Dr. Md Abu Naser. They do not say much else regarding their position within the open access movement.

These open access forums serve to only expand the world’s knowledge and involvement in the academic sphere. Through allowing intellectual property without a paywall allows for a much broader scope of thinking, and allows individuals to seek out answers to things that only those who could afford it could learn. The previous type of learning (one that requires a paywall) only shows that the old ways of the most elite in society being the ones to learn and grow intellectually should altogether be done away with, and it is websites like theĀ American Communication Journal that keep that hope alive that one day, everyone can be able to know the answers they seek.

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