Future of the University

One thing that I feel should change within higher education is the fact that each individual who seeks to teach a course must also be a researcher, more common than not, held to a high regard. Although I understand that researchers have a place within academia, I feel that professors and researchers should not be synonymous. In addition, the entire idea of “tenure” is less than beneficial to the university, whereas it would be much more fitting for professors to be nomadic and bounce around from college to college similar to a draft in the athletic field. That way, world renowned scholars will not be the sole reason for a specific university to be known as the “top”, and it would allow for a much more level teaching environment for students to thrive in.

From there, with the removal of tenure, although I understand that it can be considered a “safety net” and offer “job security”, I have never truly understood why educators need to have any form of protection in the first place. Other jobs do not need any form of security, so why is it that the one profession meant to teach the youth of our country face so many trials?

Continuing on, tenure has been shown to be a way for teachers to finally begin working on their passions, wether that be their own book or otherwise, but can only do so after jumping through X amount of hoops. Through doing away with tenure, teaching can once again be seen as another job where people love to be doing what they do without worrying about getting fired for not producing an additional research paper.

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