Problem Based Learning & Case Pedagogy

While reading on problem based learning, the idea of real world problem solving within the classroom is incredibly valuable to students. Sure, these are just college kids right now, but the end goal is for them to enter the workforce with abilities that would allow for a more informed decision making process based off of the knowledge they obtained during their time in university.

A personal example of what I experienced as an undergraduate at George Mason University was that, as a requirement to graduate in Public Relations, each student must engage with and work for a corporation in their PR department. As an intern for the government contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, I had to work through problems with a team of five in order to satisfy our client’s needs and deal with real world, real time events with little to no notice.

Although I do not hope to become apart of the Public Relations world, I have gained a multitude of skills as a result of that engagement with Booz Allen. Since I took the class relatively early in my academic career, each class I took afterward felt like practice for what I had already gone through. I was able to take away key findings and present work greater than I had ever previously produced. Through incorporating problem based learning into our own personal teaching styles, our students will gain skills that they will hold with them forever, not just for the sake of passing a class.

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