Connecting Dots in the Big Picture

This week’s reading and videos make me think of the meaning of school and education. After we talked about so much about different styles, different thinking ways, different ideas of teaching in this pedagogy class, I feel I learned a lot before this week’s talk hits me. I suddenly realize that I am too into all the details and forget about the whole picture. The whole picture about why do we teach, why are we so passionate about education, why are we so into different aspects of pedagogy. The answer is about the future. We want to change the future of the world through education. This is the mindset we always want to have when we pick up the details about teaching and connecting them together.

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There is another fundamental thing we need to figure out here. What kind of results do we expect from our teaching? Before we start to plan a course and put the pedagogy we learned in this course, we need to think about the learning outcomes we expect. For teaching landscape architecture, I expect to help my students gain more creativity. “Creativity” starts to sound old, since we seem to talk about it a lot. However, as future designers, my students are expected to create the landscape for an empty land. They are expected to solve the design problems in creative ways. I don’t expect them to remember all the knowledge we talk in class, but I do expect them to change their thinking ways and offer more possibilities for the future clients and the future world. Creativity will always be my ultimate goal when I set up a course and think about pedagogy.

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