Stories and Meaning Behind the Landscape

Professor Katen gave us a really interesting presentation on Dec. 5th. He first explain his position and the theoretical framework for the study. He spoke for the archive thinkers that we should see the deep meaning behind places, and he suggested we should do deep mapping and pay attention to archives in the site analysis.

“Research on African American recreational landscape in Virginia” is the study he do for a long time. He wanted to discover the hidden history about African American recreational landscape. He use the old African American newspapers as the main research approach.

I learned a lot from his presentation though cultural landscape is not my strong point. He talked about how to get trust and let the community to tell the story. This will be very important for my future research or design, learning to listen to others, communicate with others and get the information. Another important point I learned from him is that there are so many stories and meaning behind the landscape we may not know. We should really discover as more as possible before we do design for a site. Our design will also become part of history in land.

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