Design For Sustainable Behavior

I am really interested in the presentation by Danya on Dec. 3rd. Her research purpose is “Design for Sustainable Behavior in the Built Environment”. Design for sustainability is a hot trend in recent years and many related researches have been carried out. However, Danya has a special perspective to look into her research purpose. She draw conclusions from other scholars’ research that design can suggest people’s behavior. So she wants to improve the sustainability though suggesting people’s sustainable behavior.

Our design will influence people’s behavior is easy to ignore when we consider design for so many things in the process. But we should definitely pay a lot attention to that and try to predict people’s behavior to shape our design.

Another thing I learn from Danya is that we should carry out pilot studies before we actually do something. Pilot studies can be a important part of the whole research process. Danya did five pilot studies to help her refine study. So I am considering begin my study as soon as possible to do pilot studies and avoid problems in the formal research.

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