Fix the Gap Between the Material and Non-material World

Professor Bork’s Presentation is really profound and impressive. He tried to explain to us the trace of knowledge obtained. The situation today is that there is a gap between the body of knowledge and spiritual chase.

Universities service two kinds of purposes, one is public interest, the other one is common good. Public interest is linked with scholar’s personal interests, the same interest brings scholars together to pursue body of knowledge, in other words, the fact. Some people also hope to do things to help the common good, which also means the values.

Facts are objective and material, while values are subjective and non-material. Spontaneously, these two become two worlds, the sad facts is most people just stay in the material zone without noticing all these.

Thanks to Professor Bork, I have learned so much about all these, and I will start to find the proof of this theory in the real world and be one of those trying to fix the gap between the material and non-material world.

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