Between Mass Customization, Robotics and Human

I am sorry that I missed Bandar Alkahlan’s seminar on Nov.13. I learned from classmates that he presented his innovative dissertation topic titled: Future-homes Through Mass Customization and Robotics. He thought technology has brought us with new tools to solve design problems, at the same time, he would like to involve the architect into the process.

I think his research is a pioneering one opening up to the future architecture. Usually there is a gap between the architects and the assembly manufacturing. It seems like that mass customization means efficient and indistinctive design. And architects means the house owner is spending lots of money and time try to get a characteristic design. I really appreciate his research since he notice this gap and try to bring these two together. If we do take advantages these two, we may get efficient and characteristic houses for our future. How impressive it is!

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  1. Rachelle Johnson
    8 September, 2016 at 5:13 pm

    Yes please involve the architect! Mass production also means waste and lowest common denominator needs met…which truly no one actually wants.

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