Interesting Cases for Green Roof

Sinan gave an presentation on Nov. 7th, and it is a pity that I have not listen to that presentation by myself. I heard that his presentation is very interesting for trying to combine the three types of roof together: green roof, blue roof, solar panels.

I have heard about green roof for such a long time. And I have collected some newest cases about green roof by myself. The most interesting part about my collection is the roof garden. Here comes the case I recommend to everyone.
This is a roof garden above the traffic hub in Paris.The project argues that the nature lives within the city and that it is indeed feasible to further its development at several scales. The capstone of the ring road and the roofs of the buildings around become rain water providers for the garden by filling the center pond. The management of the garden will allow the plants brought by the wind of the ring road to expand and modify its composition. A wide and smooth footpath will connect the two sides following a simple and fluid route.
Here is another good case, called Rooftop Haven for Urban Agriculture in Chicago. It provide children with safe, popular activities in terms of extra-curricular space. It now becomes a model for this kind of program since it use a traditional space, providing urban agriculture, and make an extremely well balance between the actual needs and the visual needs.

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