Graduate Student Housing Program Competition

On Nov. 1st, we took part in the graduate student housing program competition. Adel, John and I made a great team.

Our concept was making the site to be a learning, living community for people to get together and live healthy. And we take the complex surroundings into consideration to plan the residential, green and mix use spaces. We want to use the existing topography as the foundation of our design. We have great images about nearby neighborhood families, the students in the primary school, the young scholars in the program to do lots of interesting activities in the site, making the most use of the site. There are so much things going on in our plan and design.

The most great part about the competition is that every group have clear character and have different,nice ideas. I have learned a lot from each group that how to think the same site in different ways. Though our group have finally won the competition, every group were winners due to our work, ideas and presentations.

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