Fresh and Fascinating Work done by Adel

Adel did an amazing presentation on his research problem, how quality of the neighborhood outdoor space influence the quality of life. I really appreciate what he had done. There are a couple of things to name.

First, we should pay attention to quality of design other than quantity. I quite agree with his saying as we have focus more on quantity in the past. We always try to reach some kind of index, and forget what we plan to do in the first place. Focusing on quality of design can help us keep on working on what people want in their neighborhood.

Second, what Adel said about survey help me a lot. He pointed out that we should design our survey according to some reference. Maybe we can learn some lessons from others or we can continue what have done before. And we should write the introduction about our survey to help the respondents understand the background information, the source, the objectives of the survey. These can be important to find more respondents and have a more clear result.

Third, I like that he regard free-hand drawing as a fresh methodology. Drawing is more visible and easily for the people in the neighborhood to understand the research. Also it is a fascinating way to show the image in people’s mind quickly. I am thinking about try such fresh methodology if I have a proper research topic.

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