Learning While Gaming

When I was reading the articles about game and learning, I was quite surprised by the content. Because we have ignored gaming for such a long time ever since we regard ourselves as adults, we never think what we have learned from playing games in our childhood. I tried hard to remember this kind of scene when I was very young, but I only came up with a image that my mom was teaching me maths through playing poker with me. We learn more when we addict to the games.

The games written by the article and what Professor. Miller show us first are something that I can easily find the connection between the study and the game.But what we do with the rocks is completely opening my mind. What we think about the rock location, the opponent’s thinking, the balance of the picture, the reasons of our behavior is just fascinating. I have seen so much potential in a simple game that I keep thinking the education power of the gaming. More practice of gaming should be applied in landscape architecture. I can not wait to see the effect of more gaming in landscape architecture in the future.

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