Art of questioning – Comment on PhD Seminar(02/10/2013)

C.L.Bohannon gave us a wonderful seminar on Oct. 2nd . The title of the seminar is “Engagement Reconsidered Community Engaged Design Praxis as Pedagogy in Landscape Architecture”. Though I am not familiar with the topic he was talking about, I still learn a lot from the way he carry forward his study step by step and the experience he shared on the survey and interview. Especially when someone ask about how to handle the survey and interview, what the speaker said help me learn a lot.

At the first time, I have known how to analyze the open-ended questions in the survey, how to choose the people who are willing to do the interview after the survey, and how to deal with the ideas pop up in the interview. Doing the interview seems like an art that we should learn to listen and lead the conversation. What is more, the speaker also said that he used to send the record of the interview to the respondents to ensure he get their idea right and complete. I appreciate this behaviour a lot. In summary, I think I need to practice more about this questioning art.

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