“Invisible” Research Topics

Where are the Women in Landscape Architecture? It is such a common question that every student in LAR may have think about. However, it is just a curious flame that flash in our mind, we never regard it as a serious research question or even look for the literature about this topic. Professor Clements do the opposite. Even it is a question mentioned by a student she start a great research project based on this question.

The second topic in the class, Design Learning and Professional Paradigms also seems like paying a lot of attention to the issues existing in daily study. It is a kind of strange that we used to ignore them as they were”invisible”. In all these issues, “research on research” must be the most interesting one.

We used to think hard about how to get a significant research topic. And from now on I will pay more attention to the common questions brought up in daily study, think the “invisible” questions twice, and try to solve the basic puzzle in the discipline.

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