Find Your Sample–Comment about Women in LAR(26/09/2013)

Where are the Women in Landscape Architecture? It is a attractive research topic in our field, and it means more to female students in landscape architecture. I appreciate it a lot.

The most interesting part I found in Professor Clements’s explain is how she find proper sample and questions for the survey. Female students graduated in landscape architecture is an significant option for the following reasons in my mind. First, it can cover bigger range of female in this area than just paying attention to the female landscape architect. Second, it can give us a whole view of how people definite LAR and why does female students choose this major. All these can be root of female power in LAR. Third, it will help us to see if female students choose to become landscape architect, other kinds of jobs in this field or just other major. I think it is one of the main issue in this study since it give the future female students in LAR a real career prospect. If the sample is just female landscape architect then we lose this point.

In summary, finding the proper sample is so important that it will influence the whole study. We should think carefully about the research objectives, and then decide the most proper questions and people we need to ask if we will do a survey to help the research. Find our right sample will really help our study.

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