Research For A Useful Invention——Comments on seminar(18/09/2013)

The topic of seminar on September 18th is “A BIM Interoperable Web-Based DSS for Vegetated Roofing System Selection”, and the author, Kongkun showed us a amazing work about a platform invention to help select the proper type of vegetated roof . The work he have done is so useful that it inspire me a lot.

For such a long time, we have seen that most researches have large theoretic meaning but they can not be put into application immediately. The seminar just shows us a good example that research can be done for a useful invention. Moreover, I think that research for a useful invention has become a new trend. The most important attempt is combining landscape theory with the software design just like what Kongkun did.

So this seminar not only helps me learn more about the vegetated roof, and how can we do a real research work, but also enlightens me about a new style to do a useful research. In the future, I hope I will carry out some research like that. Though stuff like the software design will be a hard work, I will try my best to do a research for a useful invention.

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