Thoughts About Literature Review

When I finished reading the article, Impacts of biodiversity on the emergence and transmission of infectious diseases, and doing the discussion in the class, the research method of literature review attracts my attention.

A couple of mouths ago, I heard of this method on a literature writing class for the first time, before then I always regard literature review as a assistant research step before we start our real research design. As the student who do the presentation majors in medical science, the example given by him is in the medical area, and the research method of literature review is described as a useful tool to get bigger samples without doing the experiment. Since then I start to look literature review as a research method in natural science field.

However, the article I read recently has opened my mind, this method might be used in our field as well. I am not sure if this method can be used in the social science area, but as landscape architecture has part of nature in natural science, I have the interests to try it in the proper research project. What’s more, though each spot has its spirit, this may be obstacle in applying the method in the design part, if we choose the right variable, I think it may be used in some social project in landscape architecture. For example, visual landscape may use the method of literature review to get more survey samples if we choose the proper variable.

That is what I have thinking about literature review so far. I just wonder if there is possibility in this, and I would like to check it out in the future.

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