Bring Welfare to Green Infrastructure

When I was reading the report, Greening Cities : A review of Green Infrastructure, I keep thinking about the method and possibility to bring green infrastructure to alive. Though the government and the society have the obligation to realize the long-term interests comes from green infrastructure, it will still be a tough process to formulate new laws and regulations, and apply green infrastructure at the existing land, ever step by step.

However, the saying in the chapter of conservation corridors can be a hint to the question above. It goes like this-promoting and enhancing local community welfare through the conservation and use of natural resources. I quite agree with this, since the long-term interests may not enough for most people who are not in landscape architecture area to have the executive force to the green infrastructure. Taking the current welfare into consideration might become an important design strategy in our green infrastructure planning.

All those are just my thoughts, but where does the current welfare come from, and how can we combine it with the green infrastructure will be the primary questions for us to research and design in the next step. I really hope we can find effective ways to bring welfare to green infrastructure in order to help it carried out.

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