January 2014 – renovation updates

The new semester is a week away. Here is a quick summary of several renovation projects:

You might have heard that we had a disaster in the SCALE-UP classroom; frigid weather caused a pipe to burst. Thanks to the heroics of our staff we were able to avoid any serious damages. There were a total of sixteen similar incidences across campus that same day.

VT Facilities responded quickly and made the necessary repairs; the room will be operational for classes next week. The furniture and technology held up well. The only thing not working is the air conditioning. We are waiting on a new part (blower coil) to arrive. It will be installed on February 1.

ICAT Classrooms/Studios
The ICAT project on the first floor is delayed due to architectural design requirements. The necessary adjustments should be finished next week. Construction will likely begin in late February 2014.

VetMed Library
The design for the Vet Med Library is complete. A lot of hard work went into reviewing the collection and construction is scheduled to begin May 2014. We have a meeting in late February to establish timelines and logistics. Expect to hear more about this in early March.

Newman – Second Floor Renovation
We are planning to renovate a portion of the Second Floor this summer. This will likely include the entrance/lobby area, a section of the commons, and potentially the area around the Writing Center. We will begin the design phase in early February and will have more to share on that process once the budget and timeline has been approved. In short, we are going to do as much as we can with the funding available to move the project forward.

some quick updates (fall 2013)

Greetings. There is a lot going on with renovations:

1. The Multipurpose Room is going through final inspection today. We’ll be able to “occupy” the room tomorrow. The rest of this week will be wrapping up punch list details with the contractor and then hopefully Friday we can turn it over to the AV installers. I’m really hoping the room will be done before Thanksgiving. Right now we are planning to officially open it in January 2014.

2. The ICAT project is moving along. The construction drawings are up to 60% complete. After the next round of changes I’ll post the plan for everyone to see. There are still a few details that need to be figured out and we should have those wrapped up by the end of the month.

3. The Second Floor: we’re currently working with VT Renovations and CNS to talk about some possible infrastructure work this summer. There will likely be some mechanical, electrical, flooring, and lighting work scheduled for summer 2014. I’ll share more once we determine the feasibility.

4. More furniture for the second floor will be arriving over the next several months. The next batch consists largely of chairs and tables along with some lounge seating.

5. Rooms 2032 and 2034 are now open as additional study space. We’re in the initial stages of planning to make those rooms reservable as group studios and for presentation rehearsal — but that most likely will not be ready until Spring Semester/ February. I’ll have more information to share in November but this will be a prototype service to help us determine needs and to inform practices for future renovations.

First Floor – Multipurpose Room

Just a quick update on the multipurpose room. Construction is entering the final phase. Lights and ceiling tiles are being installed this week and we expect the renovation to be finished in mid-Oct. Next up will be the AV and related electronics — which we expect will  wrap-up in mid-November.

The room will officially open in January 2014. We’re still working on policies and logistics, but we will share more in the coming months.

Carpet and Paint – First Floor

This information is likely to change but I wanted to share what I heard today during a construction meeting

  • Monday, July 22  — painting will begin in the first floor corridor / Vegas Room.
  • Sometime next week the bathroom doors on the first floor will be removed and painted. The bathrooms will remain operational.
  • Monday, July 29 — the old carpet glue will be removed.
  • Tuesday, July 30 – Thursday, August 1 – new carpet will be installed. We will likely need to close this area during the installation phase. Access to the first floor is still possible through the back stairway and elevator.

Expect to hear an update next week from Dennis but for planning purposes please understand that we are trying to keep the first floor as open as possible but that it is an active construction site.

First Floor Renovations This Summer


Construction is set to begin on the first floor. We will be renovating the Multipurpose Room and upgrading the main corridor with carpet, paint, and furniture. The crew is currently gathering the necessary permits and will likely start over the next few days.

The collections, offices, and services on the the first floor will remain accessible, however, walkways could temporarily be obstructed. Please encourage patrons to use the elevator and stairs when possible.

The first three weeks will be the noisiest. They will tear down existing walls and construct new ones with a higher fire rating. The contractors will also drill into the concrete slab for electrical work. Once we receive the project schedule we’ll post it here and share more details with the directors to distribute to their departments.

We’re also working on signage and other announcements. You should see that by the end of this week.

photo 2-2 photo 1-2

AV Planning this Friday

Our architects will be on campus this Friday to host a session related to AV needs. This includes components like digital signage, digital exhibits & displays, as well as touchscreen kiosks, reservation systems, and other possibilities.

I recently visited NCSU’s new library and wanted to share some of their interesting AV applications. More info here.


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