” Creativity – Misunderstood “

I was going through the views people have expressed on the readings assigned in the class. It was soothing to see that educated people( as their description shows) have come in common to realize the the need to be genuine and risk taking in order to achieve something or may be they do not realize that they achieved something but something good gets produced. But the use word “Creativity”, ” Be Creative !!!” ,” Get Creative” … etc.. etc.., not only confuses me and but frustrates me and there is a reason for it. I do not have defined meaning in my mind for the word, actually its not a word.. it’s a modern jargon  “Creativity”…(Evil laugh–HAHAHAHA), and I find it hard to describe it even after reading others definition. Why is that? Because—> I don’t understand it.

What I understand? I understand, to ask questions, why accept anybody’s theory? I understand raising question to clear doubts. I understand to question  a principle, its application, assumptions, even its existence. I understand to imagine, form links, think of ways to look for missing links.. if not create links….and so many other things…All this is because I understand and question…

I am afraid the word “creativity” has been misinterpreted, no actually not  misinterpreted, but  misunderstood by so many, that in near future parents may even start forcing their children to be creative, ” Hey Jack, be creative. Did you do your creative homework? Show me your today’s creativity.” And if you are not creative for the day, you will be sent to your room or in some cases get beaten up (this worked for a lot of parents).

What we need is practice and less of complicated terminologies…..but I am hopeful, we will clear all this mess someday…

” I don’t know “

I have been confused about what write as my first blog for the class, but I am taking a chance. Please bear with me….

” I don’t know ” .. I think everybody is familiar with the statement. I was wondering how many times I have used the statement to get out of confronting, little awkward, highly awkward and extremely embarrassing situations and that was relieving  too. But I have used it more often to avoid participation in a lot of activities, may it be classroom or extra-curricular. This puts a question in my my mind could I have used ” I don’t know, but I would like to know”? Yes, of-course whats wrong in it. Would I have used the above? The answer is ” I don’t know, but I would like to know”. So I started questioning myself, not just a act of getting brave or becoming Buddha but just because I have to write something (… just kidding or not). I hope other people had the same experience(… if not, do not worry I am not afraid of being an outcast… ) and would like to share what you could have done about it. and If your thoughts are ” I don’t know” do you want it to be ” I don’t know, but I would like to know”. In any case I will post my self investigation but it will wonderful if you have any questions for me…..if not, that’s OK…(I am not afraid of being an outcast..again. )