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What’s Next


Life Coaching

In early 2018 P2P is adding to the P2P Developent suite of applications to provide Life Coaching for adults.  The application will build upon the strength of IBM Watson cognitive analytics and Meyers Briggs personality assessments to help adults identify the best place to put their energies whether it be for career, community or personal interests.  It’s not just children that wonder what should i be when i grow up. We know there are a number of adults out there asking that same question.  P2P Life Coaching services is here to help.


Prison Training Program

One of the troubling patterns that the criminal justice system sees is a high rate of re-entry back into the prison system.  One contributing factor is the difficulty for inmates to acclimate back into society.  P2P is partnering with the New York corrections department to develop a comprehensive skills development program for inmates using the principles of the P2P methodology to assess skills and preferences to tailor education and transition programs for inmates to increase there chances of successful re-entry into society.  The program will leverage the P2P Assessment, Roadmap and a customized mentoring program for inmates.