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P2P is a life saver.  They have given my son a new focus that he did not have before.  he even enjoys school now and looks forward to class.

Joan Stevens, Newark, NJ (Parent)


I did not know what I wanted to be when i grew up.  P2P has taught me that i do not have to pick just one thing.  But that I have multiple options.  I feel a lot less anxious about graduation.

Paul Dupree, Detroit, MI (Student)


We believe P2P is directly related to the decrease in juvenile incidents we have seen in the past 2 years.  The customized learning and after school program tips seem to be keeping kids focused on more productive things than hanging out and getting into trouble.

Donald Meyers, Inglewood, CA Inglewood Police Chief)


We have started to see an increase in graduation rates for our grades that have used the P2P comprehensive learning program.  P2P has really made a difference in our school district.

Karen Matthews, Portland, OR (Principal)