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It Takes a Village (Mentoring services)

We at P2P understand that having good mentors to help model successful patterns and provide helpful tips on how to get where you want to go, is a critical success factor for a child’s development.  Often the difference in a child excelling verses not relates to the tools a circumstances the child has been exposed to.  P2P offers mentor matching services for users to help bolster a child’s development success factor.  as we like to say that it takes a village to truly raise a child.  However, we know that some families may need help in getting access to good mentors and models for their children.  It Takes a Village is an add-on service that parents can purchase.


Success Partners (Coaching Services)

P2p applications provide a wealth of information to families to support a child’s development.  P2P also offers coaching services for those that would like to consult with educational and industry professionals.  This service is meant to supplement school teacher and counseling resources, by providing access to education professionals with a wide range of experience as well as access to industry professionals that can provide recommendations for career preparation