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Assessment Application

The P2P Assessment app is the foundation of the P2P development methodology.  The assessment is designed to be a fun interactive way for students to provide the information that feeds curriculum customization and development roadmapping tools.




Educator’s Portal

The Educator’s portal is an enterprise tool for schools and schools districts that is designed to follow a child throughout their development years.  The portal provides educators with a history of the child’s development, development progress and recommendations for customizing learning at the child’s given development level.  The portal can be used by individual institutions.  but is most useful when implemented as a district wide enterprise application for a school district, allowing students and educators to benefit from assess to the child’s historical development information.


P2P Development Roadmap

The P2P Development Roadmap application is the flagship of the P2P development methodology.  It is intended to be a flexible and robust tool to help parents, teachers and students map a comprehensive development course tailored for the child.  Just as when planning a a road trip, the odds are increased you will reach your destination if you a) have a clear idea of the destination and b) have a good idea on how to get there.  This is the basic philosophy of the P2p Development Roadmap.  A child is more likely to reach their development potential if they have a clear idea of where they are headed and general path to get there.  However, we understand that children are dynamic and ever changing human beings. As a result the P2P Roadmap is designed to adjust as the child develops, consistently providing recommendations based on the child’s current skills, interests and development progress.  Th roadmap is powered by IBM Watson cognitive analytics and provides information such as:

  • Standard development milestones based on the United States Department of Education and state specific curriculum policies
  • College prep milestones timetable
  • Recommendations for extra curricular activities within geographical location based on child skills assessment
  • Career option and based on development progress and skills assessment


Mobile Apps

The P2P mobile application is available to access P2P roadmap and education services on the go.  The application also integrates with the educator’s portal to receive information on assignments and notes from teachers.