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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What does P2P stand for?

P2P stands for preschool to palace.  It is a play on the term used in education to refers to the preschool  to prison epidemic that is frequently seen in low-income districts.

2. What is the P2p education method?

P2P looks at child development in a holistic way, not only looking at academic progress but in addition development of a child’s innate talents and basic social skills in order to be productive contributors to society.

3.  What grades are P2P programs suitable for?

P2P products and services are geared towards supporting child development from Pre-k through college.

4. Is P2P available in my school district?

P2P can be customized to meet the needs of any school district. For a list of current schools using P2P products visit the References page.  If your school does not currently use P2P solutions, feel free to contact P2P customer service as well as your local school district to communicate your interest.