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Our Team

Leslie Benson (Founder and CEO)

Leslie is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of P2P Education Services.  Leslie has a passion for helping people achieve their potential and is dedicated to using technology in conjunction with sound practices within social sciences and education to bring solutions to individuals striving to fulfill their purpose in life and make meaningful contributions to society.





Karen Richardson (Director of Education Services)

Karen Richardson has been with P2P Education services since its inception. In this position, Karen oversees the development and administration of content for education programs for P2P members and to ensure that the programs have the highest professional content and quality. In this role Karen works with education professionals and business partners to develop the next generation of child development programs.



Michael Stellus (Director of Technology)

Michael Stellus is the Director of Information Technology which includes management of the T infrastructure for P2P, but also includes overseeing development of applications for P2P users.  Michael is a graduate of the Virginia Tech Masters in Technology program and comes to us with over 20 plus years in managing information technology programs



Anderson Rodriguez (Marketing and Business Development Director)

Anderson Rodriguez is the P2P Marketing Director and is responsible for all aspects of sales and managing relations with business partners.  Previously, Anderson worked as a marketing manager for a tech software startup.