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About Us

P2P Education services is the brain child Leslie Benson, which really came about by happenstance. in 2014 Leslie volunteered for a preschool development project at her local church.  It was during a a series of committee meetings that it began to dawn on Leslie that the goals of the church was really broader than a school.  In actuality, the the group made up of various education professionals wanted to address the common problems that they saw on a day-to-day basis to address gaps in educational tools for low-income families compared to their more affluent counterparts.

These initial committee meeting discussion lead Leslie to look at what actually was involved in the comprehensive development of a child.  This lead Leslie to develop the P2P Development Model and and associated P2P Education Services.


The mission of P2P is to serve as a one stop shop for educators, parents and students to provide a comprehensive set of tools and services that support the development of a child from Pre-K through college.

At P2P we believe it truly takes a village to raise a child.  So please visit the Our Team and Our Partners page for more details regarding the P2P child development ecosystem.