In over my head at LUUG but Steam for Linux!

This was my first VT LUUG meeting and I felt pretty overwhelmed. At the beginning we went through a series of topic including a quick snippet on RoR and I came to the conclusion that RoR is not a very secured framework. My favorite was about the release of Steam for Linux though, so from here on out this blog might just be about my thoughts on Steam for Linux. It’s about the only thing I could follow through out the entire meeting. Back to Steam for Linux though, I heard the news that Valve planned on porting Steam to Linux over the summer and I was esctatic. I was just beginning my journey
in the Linux world but I already planned on making Linux my main OS. The only reason I booted up Windows was for playing games, and trust me I tried using PlayOnLInux
as well as Wine but it was just too much work and a pain to be honest. Even if I did get it working there were a couple of games that were reported to be laggy and just not as fast.
So Steam coming to Linux was the best news to me as a new comer to the Linux world. Now that it has been released I feel like Windows is going to be hurt a bit and lose a bit of audience who only stayed on Windows for playing games. This is at least true for me, and my time on Windows will be dramatically less than before. As with the rest of the meeting I was a bit lost when the speaker went into details with IPSec, although I know the basics of VPN and such this topic was in over my head. I also found it hard to follow a lot of what the discussion was about and found it harder and harder to focus as I got more lost. I guess it’s just because I’m an amateur. I then left early since it’s Valentines day and I had arrangements. But hey, Steam for Linux!