The end of the beginning

I didn’t really know what to expect at the beginning of this semester and how this class was going to be taught. Of course I had my doubts going through the class about how some things were going to work or how certain assignments would be handled but everything seemed to work out quite nicely. I can definitely say I took more out of this class than some classes this semesters, most of you guys know which classes I’m talking about… Anyways moving on, looking back I definitely learned a lot from this class. Coming in I thought I was only going to learn about Unix, but really I learned more about C++ and BASH as well as throwing me towards Python. I’m also happy with how much more I learned about learning a new language on my own since we were pretty much released into the wild on our own. In the end I’m happy with what I learned from the class including programming in a Unix environment and so on! I just wish we had more status reports on our grades, but I guess I also learn to care more about the quality of my work and what I learned over grades as well.

So this is the end of the beginning of our introduction to Python, Bash, and Unix. Its time for us to go and explore these areas on our own.

1 thought on “The end of the beginning

  1. When comparing this class to other classes this semester, I’ll say I definitely spend more time looking deeper into the topics we were taught for this material vs. material of other classes. By that I mean that I spend more time than needed looking into Unix topics not discussed in the class than I did leisurely reading material that would be relevant to other classes. The learning for this class seemed so much more interesting and enjoyable personally. Plus it led to my exploration of Python which I’ve come to love more the more I learn about it.

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