Well if anyone is like me, then they’d be glad the test was over. That was such a stressful hour and a half for me. I’m usually fairly confident with my git skills, but I was nervous when I was forking and pushing. Not only that but during the test I was scrambling to test my regular expressions and I was just never sure if my commits or adding files were correct or not. Even after the pushing and finishing the test I wasn’t sure if I did everything right. I’m just happy that we only have one test of this type. I would not like it if all my tests were like this where I wasn’t sure if my submission made it through or not.

2 thoughts on “Phew!!!

  1. I’m with you there. I personally am still a novice with git and still need to get the hang of using it. I didn’t even try to commit during the exam. I just waited until I was finished and then added/committed all of it then. I felt the first part of the exam was easy, but once we got into regular expressions and making a program more “pythonic” i got a bit lost. I’m just glad it’s over now. Now I can focus all my energy on the rest of the assignments I have that are due soon.

  2. I’m glad the time extension was given, for without it I probably would not have finished part 5. I don’t know why I would, but i decided to give the bash option a try. After realizing I had only wasted 15 minutes and getting no where, I quickly jumped into the python and was luckily able to get it working.

    I was second guessing everything as well. Checking the graphical interface to make sure certain files had been created, checking the git log, double checking that all the answers indeed worked as required. It was indeed more stressful than I had anticipated.

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