It wasn’t a snake in Eden it was a Python

Beginner programmers, like me, are like Adam and Eve. We lack a lot knowledge in programming and are tempted to take the easy way out in our projects. We’re also tempted by languages with a lot of features and are considered “easier” languages to learn. Python being one of these languages. Python’s easy setup and generally easy syntax lures us in. Tempts us with its easiness and dashing good looks. I like Python, I really do. I like it for small and simple tasks sort of like an add on to another language. Python is great for certain things it and it also makes certain tasks tedious. The task project required a noticeable increase in code than past projects. Writing big functions and more code in Python started to show it’s darker side. I’m so used to having brackets separating my blocks of code and in most IDE I could minimize those blocks of code, making it a lot easier to read my code or focus on certain functions. With Python I couldn’t and before not before long the indents all looked the same and I was doomed. I deleted things I shouldn’t have and I added code where I shouldn’t have and so on. After seeing Darren’s code, it would have been smarter to put functions in separate files, but the bigger the function the higher the risk of death by indents. So I guess what I’m ranting about is that Python is good for smaller projects and the indents don’t bother me there but when the project requires 80+ lines of code the indents starts to get to me.


Am I the only one that feel this way? Brackets>Indents

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