Giddy for Git

I’m loving git. I’m not afraid to say it. I know a lot of people hate git and honestly I would too if I was having problems understanding it. I’m not saying I am a git master, but I understand it a bit more than most people at this point. I think what helped me a bit was the use of github for independent projects. Github helped me learn git with more visual help  and I’m more of a visual learner. So when we started learning git in class despite not having much of a visual basis I could still follow along a bit.

I’m pretty happy that we went over git in class and have been using it for projects and such since it gives me a good opportunity to fully understand git. For example, I didn’t fully understand how to use the different branches of git effectively or that your branches can have different versions of your code allowing you to switch back and forth.

Overall, I think git is a really important tool for computer engineers to know and I’m glad we’re getting experience with it. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about it, but they’ll be happy they learned it early since if they become software developers for some company they’ll probably be using some sort of version control on the daily.

2 thoughts on “Giddy for Git

  1. I completely agree. Learning to use some form of version control is a vital skill for any up and coming software developer, or even those interested in it as just a hobby. There’s no easier way to allow multiple people to work on a single project as smoothly. Given the popularity of Git, I’m glad I am getting to learn how to use it in Linux. I have some past experience with it as well, although only in Windows, but nonetheless, knowing the basic principles definitely helped when learning it here.

  2. I think that GIT is a very interesting and powerful tool as well, but it can be confusing at times. If the commands are memorized, it can be a simple thing to use. But as a beginner with it, I am still quite puzzled at it, but I hope that I can master the commands!

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