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For this open-access blog assignment, I chose to use a journal that invited my advisor to write an article for a special edition journal.  I am familiar with this journal because I worked with my advisor on this project.  The organization “Frontiers” offers a wide array of journals geared toward specific and disciplines, along with multidisciplinary journals.  In the before-mentioned instance, my advisor and I worked with the “Frontiers in Built Environment” and “Frontiers in Environmental Psychology” journals.  I will discuss the “Frontiers in Built Environment” journal for this assignment.  The field chief editor for this journal is Izuru Takewaki. He is with Kyoto University, located in Kyoto, Japan.  This journal states that it is a multidisciplinary journal that allows open access with the goal of “disseminating” knowledge across disciplines and the public at large.  This journal publishes peer-reviewed research relating to building systems and sustainable communities.

Their Open Access Statement is as follows:

“Frontiers’ philosophy is that all research is for the benefit of humankind. Research is the product of an investment by society and therefore its fruits should be returned to all people without borders or discrimination, serving society universally and in a transparent fashion.”

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I feel that this journal does hold to their scope and mission statement because I am familiar with their special edition Environmental Psychology in Built Environments addition.  It appears that Frontiers does make an effort to bridge disciplines and provide resources not only to individuals interested in multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary work but also to those that seek to build a transdisciplinary orientation.  I am very heavily involved in interdisciplinary research.  I do not fit into any specific disciplinary box, not even a disciplinary box that is context-specific. So, I am grateful for the resources that Frontiers and other open access journals provide to individuals interested in bridging disciplines in the quest to find solutions to practical problems that so desperately need to be addressed in our society.


Frontiers in Built Environments:

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