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Hero of the Final Frontier

Growing up in the American public school system, I distinctly remember learning several times about the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  We were taught about Apollo 11, the American flag they placed on the surface, and of course, Armstrong’s famous “giant leap” quote.  The name Iurii Gagarin, however, was merely brushed over, despite the fact that he is indeed a Space Race hero in his own right.

Gagarin ventured into space in April 1961, the first human being to ever succeed at such a feat.  As Seventeen Moments explains, “his flight was the culmination of many years of experimentation by the Soviet space program.”  From Sputnik I to Laika the dog’s orbit, the Soviet Union worked hard to develop a competitive space program that could prove its place on the world scene.

Upon his return to earth, Khrushchev called Gagarin to congratulate him.  Khrushchev stated, “Through your exploit you have brought glory to our homeland; you showed courage and heroism in carrying out so important a task. By your exploit you have made yourself immortal as the first person to penetrate into space” (“N. S. KHRUSHCHEV’S TALK WITH FIRST COSMONAUT YU. A. GAGARIN“).  Gagarin certainly did become “immortal” to the Soviet people after his famous flight.  For example, the theme song of the Soviet cosmonauts was named the Gagarin March and is still played every April 12 on Cosmonauts’ Day.  There is also a monument to him in Moscow (see image below).

Most importantly though, he (and the Soviet space program in general) demonstrated the great opportunities available to the Soviet people.  Gagarin grew up in the countryside and was chosen by the space program to be a trainee (Seventeen Moments).  He was not a famous party member or the legacy of a past hero of any sort.  He was an average citizen who made it far because he worked hard and put the state’s goals before himself.  Gagarin embodied socialist values – and perhaps this is the most significant reason he is such a celebrated Soviet hero.


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  1. Connor Williams

    A fantastic post about a world changing event. I really like your discussion about the conversation between Gagarin and Khrushchev after his return. I also like how you brought in the “Gagarin March” and Gagarin’s immortality. How was Gagarin viewed later on in Soviet history and in post-Communist Russia?

  2. carastombock

    I never really think about the Soviet Union as an environment conducive to life-changing opportunity, as you said was the case with Gagarin. It’s refreshing to see that he worked hard to attain such an achievement as he did. Your post also switches our perspective. I completely agree that growing up in America, we only learn our side of every story. I am sure that other countries are the same way, but it’s so interesting to learn the same history through a different lens.

  3. brandonlapointe

    I really like what you said here. I wrote about Gagarin also, but I came at it from a different angle, and I really like what you have to say. It’s interesting to think about, but do you think that the Russians appreciate their space history more than we do? I mean, we mention our space heroes, but the Russians give the cosmonauts their own holiday.

  4. I agree with all of these comments. And yes, Russians do still venerate their history and accomplishments in space exploration. Gagarin is also a really interesting and enigmatic historical figure. There’s a great book, Joe, if you want to read more:

  5. jackscher

    Very interesting post! It is true; I was told Armstrong’s name multiple times, but cannot recall ever hearing of Gagarin. I wrote a post on how heroic people like him became for achievements that brought glory to the Soviet Union, and this is an obvious portrayal of that. Mine however, focused more on airplane pilots. Adventure into space is a different level of heroism. Nice work!

  6. jslattery

    Interesting fact: The top trophy in Russia’s premier hockey league, the KHL, is called the Gagarin Cup. It is named after the famous cosmonaut, of course.

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  11. I think you make a good point that Lenin may not have been nearly as successful as he was without working to change the culture of Russia.

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