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The Richest In Ideas

Zhdanov and Joseph Stalin Zhdanov and Joseph Stalin


In 1934, Soviet culture (and specifically literature) took a major turn with the adoption of socialist realism as the official state method.  The movement was surprisingly conservative in part; it represented a return to the old Russian realist tradition (think Leskov and Tolstoy), “infused with the ideology and optimism of socialism” (Seventeen Moments).  It represented a form of culture that would be accessible to the masses, have high ideological and artistic content, and be realistic in nature.

While Stalin explained the movement simply as “socialist in content, nationalist in form”, Zhdanov, the “party chief of ideology and culture,” (Seventeen Moments), outlined the tenets of socialist realism a bit further.   In his speech to the Soviet Writers’ Congress in 1934, he explains Soviet literature as being “the richest in ideas, the most advanced and the most revolutionary.”  He goes on to say that the new form of literature is based “on the life of the working class and peasantry and their fight for socialism” (Marxist Internet Archive).  This one statement articulates clearly both how it could be accessible to the masses – the working class and peasantry – and how it promotes the party’s ideology – the fight for socialism.

Literary examples include novels like Krymov’s Tanker Derbent, which told the story of a motley crew of sailors who were brought together for the collective by their captain, an ordinary communist.  The 1934 film Chapaev  is yet another example of socialist realism.  It tells the story of a real life Soviet hero, a Red Army Civil War commander who realizes what it means to fight for the Bolshevik cause.  One of the real Chapaev’s soldiers who watched the film stated, “What is important to us about this film?  It is the excitement I felt while watching it, the enthusiasm that is infectious, the political change that it produces” (“The Whole Country is Watching Chapaev“).  Socialist realism was supposed to do just that:  encourage political change while still being something the common citizen is actually excited to watch/read/listen to.

Stalin once called Soviet writers “engineers of the human soul.”  As Zhdanov described it, this means to fight actively for the culture, the language, and the quality of production.  And by doing so, essentially these “engineers” – these defenders of socialist realism – would be fighting actively for the socialist cause as well.

Chapaev Film Poster Chapaev Film Poster



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Stalin and Zhdanov image retrieved from: http://www.52insk.com/2011/reduta-2/

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  1. hbh1391

    In my blog this week I focused on Russian films in the 1930s. I mention the film Chapaev which I also believe is a good example of socialist realism. good job 🙂

  2. This post does a great job of getting at the essential dynamics of Socialist Realism. Terrific use of primary sources, and of course I’m always happy to see someone plug Chapaev!

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  19. Andrei Zhdanov, Soviet Literature–the Richest in Ideas, the Most Advanced Literature. August 1934. Comrades, in the name of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks) and of the Council of People’s Commissars of the Union.

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