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Why I Started My Graduate Program

I am enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Information Technology with focus on Business Information Systems at Virginia Tech University to help me develop my business leadership and management skillsVirginia Tech Commencement.  I envision this program providing a stepping-stone to becoming the Chief Technology Officer for a major trade association or private firm within the Washington, D.C. metro area.

My career experience to date has exposed me to a wide range of contemporary IT challenges facing businesses and trade associations and has allowed me to develop the skills and knowledge to design, develop, manage and troubleshoot complex IT systems. I have also excelled at training and managing small technical teams to implement these operations. However, to reach the next level of technical and professional development, I need more in-depth exposure to the role of business leadership and management in IT design and implementation.  The MIT program at Virginia Tech will help me accomplish this mission.

I especially looked forward to the core course, MGT 5804: Strategic Leadership in Technology-Based Organizations. At Cacon, I participated in crafting corporate and business strategies in which our technology provided the basis for the firm’s competitive advantage. We had successes in innovation but our efforts sometimes fell short of our expectations. I want to learn how to build better action plans that resolve the root problems based on a better understanding of why they developed in the first place. In addition, it is likely that my future work will involve streamlining processes for a nonprofit organization seeking to migrate from an on-premise architecture to the cloud.

In conclusion, I look forward to using my academic experience to take my professional development to the next level. I have risen up the ranks of several companies and trade association from web developer to managing development teams and most recently to Global Manager of Information Technology for an organization of 700+ employees globally.  The next stage is to become a chief technology officer at a major firm or trade association. With the assistance of this wonderful program, I can reach my career goal. For a refugee from Iraq who has assimilated to American culture, it would be a dream come true.


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