Academy of GTA Excellence

As I mentioned in my “Welcome Back” blog post, there is a new Academy of Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Excellence that the Graduate School developed last fall. It was developed for graduate students to gain more education and training on teaching and learning techniques in addition to recognizing excellent graduate student teaching.

Membership to the academy is for any graduate students and faculty from all Virginia Tech campuses, who are interested in developing and enhancing their teaching and learning knowledge. As graduate students gain experience in teaching and curriculum development, there are additional levels of involvement.

The part that I am most excited about with the development of the academy is developing a larger community of peers to discuss, learn, review and challenge each other on our teaching and learning selves. I think having this network can be beneficial for us all as we move into faculty positions, allowing us to already have a community to challenge and support each other from within similar disciplines and far outside.

Does this sound interesting to you? The Academy of GTA Excellence is having a social and informational session on February 24th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the University Club. We would love to have you there!





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  • whycanter says:

    Thank you for sharing. I have never heard of the Academy of GTA Excellence, but I am glad you brought it up. Having a community of educators in which you can bounce off ideas and share experiences definitely is beneficial. Communities not only help out the individuals involved, but a community of teachers can also help advance pedagogy.

  • Ray D says:

    Thanks for bringing this to the group’s attention. I think the opportunity to learn from others is a great way to define our teaching and mentoring selves. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be many of these activities or opportunities in graduate school and those that are available, tend to be pushed to the background with everything else going on. But for those that have such aspirations, it provides a unique environment to do so.

  • Amanda Hyman says:

    Thank you for sharing! This sounds like a great idea, especially if the word gets out more. Having an active and engaging community on campus seems like a great resource for GTAs. Do you know what type of education or training opportunities will become available to members?

  • laven says:

    Thanks for your question Amanda! There is nothing set in stone yet since it is so new as for education and training. I think it is primarily based on who is involved at the time. Some of it will be through peer mentorship, workshops, and other activities, so it could be a wide range of things.

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