Reflections on The Past Three Years

This past year, my third year at Virginia Tech, proved to be my first year full-time in the history department. It was challenging to juggle my assistantship positions, several courses, my on-campus job, and at times exhausting job search but I have had an overwhelmingly fulfilling year. Though often plagued with stress and anxiety, I nevertheless grew as a historian, writer, and an educator. Crafting my research project proved much more difficult than I had ever anticipated but I believe that departure from my comfort zone benefited me greatly overall. Indeed, I believe I will be better able to educate my own students beginning next year, teaching them proper writing, researching and analytical skills so desperately needed. I am anxious to begin my first teaching job (wherever that may be!) but I am sad my time in Blacksburg is quickly coming to a close. With graduation rapidly approaching, I can’t quite fathom how the past three years flew by and how graduate school has changed me as a student, teacher, and individual. I am particularly grateful for my time in the history department, the interesting courses I had the opportunity to take and the excellent professors I had the privilege of working with. Thank you to everyone that helped me along the way. Virginia Tech will always hold a special place in my heart.