Myself as a Historian

Discuss the methodologies or theories you are likely to use in your research? Put another way, how do you position yourself as a historian? Where along the fault lines of historical methods do you see yourself as an author? Why is this methodology the one suited to your research question? How does this methodology/theory shape the question you want to address in your research?

I see myself perhaps first as a cultural historian because I am studying civilian morale during the First World War. I also believe myself to be an animal historian, as I am tracing the use of animals during World War I. I also view myself as situated at the intersections of animal history and discussions of agency, the niche that I am attempting to fill, at least to a limited extent with my research project. My primary focus on cultural history, allows for my central question and thesis to also focus on cultural aspects instead of say, social aspects or military aspects, for example.