Primary Source Report Week of 2.16

This past week, I unearthed more highly interesting and potentially useful primary sources for my research paper. For starters, I discovered an article from the well-known magazine Vanity Fair in September 1916 concerning war dogs. Here is a snapshot of the article:


This article explores the work done by dogs on the Front, dispelling the myth that dogs were only used as mascots for soldiers. I will be using this article as part of my primary research into public reactions to the use of soldier dogs during World War I.

I also mined a photo archive from The Atlantic that I had discovered previously.This archive is chock full of animal photos, many of them dogs. I plan to use some of these in my research paper, though I have not entirely decided if I will be analyzing each photograph or if I will simply include them as a supplement to my research. I have included some of my favorites here:

German Messenger Dog

[German Messenger Dog]

Searching for Wounded Soldiers

[Dog Ready to Search for Wounded Soldiers]